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15 May 2014

Had the opportunity to shoot these handsome boys. I’ve never met a band quite like them. They are ultra fashionable and right on with the styling of their band (you feel like they should be walking down the middle of an dirt road in an 1800s town); they ride horses and shoot guns, but along with this rugged manly westerness comes an equally charming sense of honor and respect. These folks are honest, kind and patient (and gifted musicians to boot!). It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them. I also shot a bit of large format while we were together – scans to come soon!

Mikal on Guitar

9 March 2014

If you haven’t noticed, I love simple, honest photographs. Especially of people. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I love to dress people up and create something unique and interesting (“stylized” shoots), but what I love most is just to capture someone. As much as you can in a photograph, at least.

This is my friend Mikal. He is a very talented guitarist, a hard worker and a good person. These photographs were taken about two years ago in a wooded area in Idaho (one of my very favorite places to shoot–landscapes or portraits–and to spend peaceful moments). I had recently acquired an old, unused Brownie camera (oh, my heart!), from an antique store in Denver – which came complete with a flash and flashbulbs… perfectly intact flashbulbs (I used one during this shoot, and my heart almost burst with joy – I felt like an old time photojournalist. There’s nothing like the crackling sound of a flashbulb burning up). I also was taking a class studying historical photography processes. I experimented with my many cameras, changing film, bulbs, lenses, tripods. This shoot involved digital shooting, medium format film shooting on a Diana F+ and Brownie, and some historical painting using printed negatives and palladium/platinum chemicals.

So basically, this is my favorite series of all time.

I could spend days in the darkroom. DAYS. I could spend more days experimenting with chemicals and fine papers (10 points to whoever can find the print stamped with “ARCHES PLATINE”). In fact, I mean to do that. One day, I will build a darkroom (however small it may be), and will print to my heart’s content. It’s not a question. It’ll happen. Just a matter of time. This series gets me so excited.

Enjoy <3


Mates of State » Live Music » Provo

19 February 2014

Last week I got to see one of my favorite bands perform live. It was a fantastic show! Here are some shots from the night. Check out their stuff:

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