A Better Christmas, Vol. I » Music Playlist

15 December 2014

I love some Christmas music. And I hate other Christmas music. Over the years I’ve been collecting music that I like, and I recently realized that I have over 450 songs! For the last 3 years I’ve made a new playlist and created a design to go along with it. This is my first one (and still my favorite). I listen to it all year long.

A Better Christmas, Vol. II

5 December 2014

This is my playlist, part 2, for Christmas. I also have an alternative mix floating around out there. Everyone gets tired of the same ol’ Christmas music. I have spent a ludicrous amount of time digging through the archives and collecting music, and especially creating these playlists. In my spare time and late into the evenings I push songs around until they feel like they’re in the right order. Well, here is part II. You can go to YoutTube and listen to Part 1 of A Better Christmas and my alternative Christmas/Winter mix. I’ll get pt. II up there eventually.

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